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Frequently Asked Questions
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We’ll try to answer your questions here, but if you still need assistance, please get in touch with us at or by calling 519-754-0171.

We’d be happy to help in any way that we can.

Life at Camp

1. What does a typical day of camp look like?
2. Where do campers sleep?
3. How much time do campers spend with the horses?
3. What kind of meals will my child receive?
4. Do you have a lost & found?
5. How do I see photos of my camper?
6. Circle Square Ranch is a Christian camp. What does that mean for my child’s experience?
7. Who owns Circle Square Ranch?

Our Caring Staff

1. What is your approach to children and the camping experience?
2. What qualifications does the camp Director and leadership team have?
3. What is the camper to staff ratio?

Communicating with my Camper

1. Can my child call home?
2. Should I send letters and parcels to my child?
3. How do you handle homesick campers?

What should my Camper bring to Camp?

1. What should you bring to camp?
2. What shouldn’t you bring to camp?
3. Why can’t campers bring their cell phones to camp?
4. Is there a candy or souvenir store on the property?
5. How do I find out what the theme meals are for my child's week of camp?

The Health & Safety of my Camper

1. Does the camp have a risk management plan?
2. Are there medical staff on site?
3. What about medications that my child will need to take during camp?
4. How do you address food allergies?
5. Do you have a nut & peanut policy?
6. Do campers wear helmets when riding?
6. Are campers allowed to smoke on the property?
7. How hot is too hot for normal activities to continue?

Coming and Going to Camp (Arrival and Departure Days)

1. Can my child come to camp early?
2. Can my child be picked up by a different person than the one who dropped them off?
3. Can my child stay at the Circle Square Ranch over the weekend?

Registration & Camper Fees

1. What is NOT included in the camp fee?
2. What happens if I cancel my registration after paying?
3. Is there financial assistance available to help cover camper fees?

Circle Square Ranch
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