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Frequently Asked Questions
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We will try to answer your questions here, but if you still need assistance, please contact us.

We’d be happy to help in any way that we can.

Life at Camp

1. What does a typical day of camp look like?
2. Where do campers sleep?
3. What is the Horsemanship Program?
4. What kind of meals will my child receive?
5. Do you have a lost & found?
6. Circle Square is a Christian camp. What does this mean for my child?
7. Who owns Circle Square Ranch?

Our Caring Staff

1. What is your approach to children and the camping experience?
2. What qualifications do the camp director and leadership team have?
3. What is the camper to staff ratio?

Communicating with my Camper

1. Can I email or call my child at camp?
2. Can I send my child mail at camp?
3. This is the first camp experience for my child. Will they be homesick?
4. Can I visit during camp?

What should my Camper bring to Camp?

1. What should my child bring to camp?
2. What shouldn't my child bring to camp?
3. Is there a candy or souvenir store on the property?

The Health & Safety of my Camper

1. How will you ensure my child receives medical care if needed?
2. What kind of medical information should my child bring to camp?
3. Can my child bring medication to camp?
4. What about medications that my child will need to take during camp?
5. How do you address food allergies?
6. Is your camp nut free?
7. Do you do head checks for lice?
8. Do campers wear helmets when riding?
9. Are campers allowed to smoke on the property?

Coming and Going to Camp (Arrival and Departure Days)

1. When does registration start? Can I come early?
2. When I arrive with my child where do I go & what needs to be done?
3. When does camp end?

Registration & Camper Fees

1. What is the difference between Western Town and Pathway Camp?
2. How do I decide what age group to register my child in?
3. What if my child wants to go with a friend?
4. Can my child registers for two weeks in a row?
5. What is included in the camp fee?
6. What is NOT included in the camp fee?
7. What happens if I cancel my registration after paying?
8. Is there financial assistance available for a camper fee?

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